About Me



Hi, I am Hsuan-Wei Fan, a senior undergraduate at Computer Science and Technology Department of Tsinghua University. Besides computer science, business fascinates me and therefore I attended a minor of Internet Finance and Entrepreneurship in Tsinghua PBCSF. I am familiar with full-stack web, Unity3D, and Python and I use other famous languages like C++ and Java as well. I love Python but I prefer C++ when it comes to performance.

I comes from Taiwan, and I am living in Beijing. I would like to pursue a graduate degree in the U.S.A after the expected graduation in July, 2020.

Life Goal

I have a technical dream and a social ideal.

My dream is making those futuristic human-computer interaction ways come true. VR, MR and AIoT attract me and I want to make my contributions to these areas. I had participated in several Human Computer Interaction projects before to explore. The attendence of the ACM UIST 2019 also provided me an opportunity to get access to some of the most innovative works in HCI. Though inspiring me a lot, I realized that doing HCI research is not what I pursue. Instead, working on the technical problems that restrict those brilliant schloars may be more suitable to me. To be more specific, I would like to attend computer graphics and media computing research in the future.

My ideal is reducing the income inequality and systematic poverty. Although the social problem may be too complicated for any individual to solve, I still want to make my contribution. I cannot ignore the war I read, the sadness I see, and the indifference I feel. Existence is not always reasonable and I want to make the world better. To be honest, I have no brilliant solution yet but I am quite sure that the more resources I have, the more influence I can make.

Combined the dream and the ideal, my current life goal is becoming a successful technology company leader. Make mony from the technical innovation and use it to run social programs. Though it sounds naive but I am young to make dream true. I will keep improving myself to work torward it, no matter to what extent.